Everyone here was kind, patient and helpful. I proceeded with orthodontics because I had really crooked teeth and it was necessary for all of my teeth to come in correctly. –Mathew P.

My experience here was great! My teeth needed a bit of fixing. I got to know the staff very well, they were all very helpful and made sure I was always comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wong for orthodontics. -Amber T.

Great Team! Always very personable and interested in what is going on in your personal life without being obtrusive . Everything was always explained clearly and I always knew what to expect. I would highly recommend Dr. Wong and his staff. -Erick B.

The staff was very friendly and always helpful. There was never a wait time to be seen, and scheduling was always easy. I would recommend Dr. Wong’s office to anyone who needs an orthodontist. I was very pleased with the results! -Billy T.

Very good work, I absolutely love the results. If I could recommend anyone to get braces I would recommend them to Dr. Wong! -Regina K.

I was very apprehensive about getting braces as an adult. Although it was necessary for better hygiene, the thought of being 35 years old with braces made me feel a little self-conscious. Dr. Wong and his staff WERE FANTASTIC and made me feel comfortable while providing the best care. The end result is better than I could have imagined! I’m very happy I made the decision. I highly recommend Wong Orthodontics to anyone. Very skilled and personal service! -Jae E.

My experience was spectacular. The amazing people who make the staff here help to make this seemingly scary and sometimes repetitive process both enjoyable and exciting! I would recommend to everyone who is considering orthodontics to come see Dr. Wong. It’s been great and even though I am so happy to finally get my braces off, I will miss coming back for appointments. -Conor R.

It hurt the first time I got my braces on, and felt like I wanted to quit. As I saw my teeth straighten, I was very happy! Now I am very proud of my new smile. -Hinako O.

Incredibly friendly staff and environment. A very modern and clean office. Dr. Wong is as nice as they come and a natural teacher. My result was fantastic, I was pleased with every aspect of my experience. I am thrilled that I chose to do Invisalign with Dr. Wong! -Spencer P.

This brings dental practitioning to a whole new level. Every visit made me feel more at home. The kind staff will help you with every dental discomfort or problem. They very much adhere to their mission statement “Pursuit of Excellence.” My time with them has been both satisfactory and amazing! -Andy C.

Even though braces were sometimes annoying, I’m really happy that I have a clean, straight and pretty smile now! I really appreciate all the staff for always checking up on me and always smiling. -Eileen L.

It was overall a great experience! I am pleased with the results. The entire team was professional and always worked with a smile on their faces. I would recommend them to anyone in need of orthodontic work. -Clark B.

Dr. Wong has worked with my cousins and my sister’s smile! Both perfected just like mine is now! I would like to thank the staff and Dr. Wong for being supportive and friendly while I was their patient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wong to my friends. -Anthony L.

I’ve had a great time here to help make my teeth look perfect. Everyone was extremely nice when I came in for my appointments. Now my teeth look great, before my teeth were really bad and with the sports that I play it would have been somewhat hazardous! Thanks for giving me a great smile! -Adrienne L.

My son had excellent results with Dr. Wong so the choice was easy. Dr. Wong and his staff excel in taking care of each patient; they are professional, prompt, listen and are a pleasure to work with. -Patrick K.

I was very surprised with the outcome of my teeth. Before I got braces I didn’t think that my teeth would ever come to an overbite like it has now. I was very impressed. I’d like to thank Dr. Wong and staff for making my teeth what they are today. -Casey C.

I think that Dr. Wong and staff have been phenomenal. They offered expert advice and services that have resulted in excellent alignment of my teeth. I am very pleased with the results. -DJ A.

It has been a great experience working with Dr. Wong and his staff. They are very welcoming and attentive to detail. -Anant P.

The people here are really nice and are helpful and open to your input. They are very thoughtful and try to make your comfort a priority. -Jack M.